193 Dallas, Texas Social Media Influencers

#1 – Michael Worthington


Michael Worthington created an Instagram for him and his daughter. He believes that by doing this he might help other single dads see that you can be a good dad. He shares videos of anything they do from cooking together, posing for the camera, and even dancing.

#2 – Calista


Calista is a model with a huge following. She will model most anything. However, she is a great model when it comes to cosplay. She can change her attitude to personify the character she is in well.

#3 – Daniel Seavey


Daniel Seavey has several talents under his belt. He has written a couple stories, a triology to be precise. He also enjoys play around with making electronic songs on sound cloud. This is one guy who is heading places and he doesn’t even know it.

#4 – Joe Vulpis


Joe Vulpis has made a name for himself through his youtube and Instagram sites. He creates impromptu comedy videos. He has a special crew that is dear to his heart, and together they create their own art.

#5 – Emily


Emily enjoys two major things. The first is the University of North Texas. The second is Fitness IG. Combined these two things and you get the perfect picture of Emily.

#6 – Tina Nguyen


Tina Nguyen is a profession competitor for the IFBB. As a bodybuilder her first show was in 2013, and she only placed 35. Shortly after that show she earned her class C status, and became a professional competitor. However, since then she has received several awards like the “Figure Athlete of the Year” and the “Texas Figure Athlete of the Year. She is full-time student and loves to dress up in cosplay.

#7 – Amanda Miller


Amanda Miller is a fashion blogger, her blog was created so any woman out there could enjoy and use. She uses the styles that you already love and give them a makeover. Her desire is to help all women fill their closets with clothes that they love and feel great in. Amanda has a day job that helps pay the bills, for now, she is a treasure analyst for oil & gas companies.

#8 – Chloe Wallace


Chloe Wallace is a licensed cosmetologist and barber. She loves to share her love of hair with others. She loves to do yoga and take care of herself through yoga and fitness exercises. Chloe is also a published model and socialite.

#9 – Ilona Neider


Ilona is an IT tech that loves to travel for her job. She is able to catch great images from all over the world. One of the things that keeps her going is the desire to learn new things and to obtain professional achievement. She feels the desire to be a positive influence on any organization that she works for.

#10 – Fernando Rigacci


Fernando is a man that is eclectic in his hobbies. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, however, he also like music, traveling, dancing, and movies. Fernando Rigacci has created a wonderful business profile for himself. He is currently and administrator at HealthTexas Prvider Netwrok. The HTPN is a multi-specialty medical group that can help you with almost any of your healthcare needs.

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