Frequently asked questions

Although our support agents are patiently awaiting your inquiry, we've selected a few of our most frequently asked questions.

There are dozens of influencer marketing platforms out there and they range in features and pricing. The main difference you get with us is we offer proprietary data. We have a large office of staff who analyze every account when it's added into our system so that your brand can leverage data before making important advertising decisions.

You can search and browse as much as you want, but you can only reveal the contact info of accounts so many times, based on the size of your plan.

Yes, we have an API available on our largest plans. To setup API access, please contact support.

Yes, you can export white label PDF reports for each influencer's profile, demographics, growth rate and all their other metrics. You can then print the PDF or directly email it to your customers.

We don't explicitly cover certain countries, but rather try to include them all. Given we have tens of thousands of influencers in our platform, we span almost all countries that use Instagram.


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Ilan Nass, <a href="https://taktical.co/">Taktical Digital</a><br><span>New York, New York</span>

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Bruce, <a href="https://www.executablemedia.com/">Executable Media</a><br><span>San Diego, California</span>