How much does influencer marketing cost

It’s  a question we receive often. The answer is, as much as you want. You’re going to pay based on the reach of the influencer so if you have a small budget you can find influencers with under 100k followers, or if you have a reasonable budget, you can snag influencers with millions of followers.

It’s similar to asking how much it costs to run Facebook ads. There are cheapskates who run campaigns for $25 and there are affiliate marketers who run campaigns budgeting $25k a day.

With rational and experienced influencers, you’ll pay a price for a shoutout that you can translate back to a CPM benchmark. CPM is a metric we offer in the dashboard for brands and agencies.

CPM, like any other traffic medium, depends on the industry. Gaming traffic under 18 years old is super cheap. Females 18-24 are more expensive, because they have credit cards and spend more money online than those under 18 years old, who may not even have a job or source of income.

If you don’t know your average CPM for your space, reach out to a few dozen influencers in your industry and convert the first 5 prices you receive to CPM, and take the average.

To calculate the CPM, you shouldn’t necessarily use the follower count. There is an average likes count in Shout. Multiple that number by 10 and that’ll be the worst-case reach for most accounts. Notice that number isn’t near the number of followers, because most influencers started their account by buying followers, so that reach calculation accounts for that.

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