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There are two ways to search in Shout – by keyword and by location.


Shout tags each influencer with numerous keywords based on what they post by using a combination of methods. Influencers can use hashtags and that will help us tag a profile, but most influencers don’t use hashtags so this is where we look to our AI image recognition technology.

For example, if an influencer posts a picture of a kale salad in a bowl, our system would add tags like: salad, kale, bowl.

So, if you were in a health food niche, you could search something like salad, and even though you may not be selling salads, it would find you influencers in that industry.

To search by keyword, login to the dashboard and type in your keywords (comma-separated if you have multiple) under the “Niches” label.

Click the “Search” button once complete.


Influencer don’t stay in one spot. They may live in Los Angeles, but spend every other weekend in Vegas. They may spend their summers in Northern Michigan and visit New York sparingly. We track this and tag each influencer based on location.

If you’re a night club in Miami and want to find influencers that spend time in your city, that’s easy enough.

Under “Location” – type the city and state of the area you’re looking to target. Here’s how to search in Broward County, Florida:

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