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To protect our system from malicious people trying to steal and resell the data, we use a credit system to unlock influencers.

For example, with 10 credits, you can unlock 10 influencers. Unlocking simply means you can reveal all the blurred elements (username, email address, etc) and contact them.

There are two ways to unlock an influencer: one-by-one or in bulk.

To unlock a single influencer, you must first make a search to find influencer in your requirements. Once you have a subset of influencers and find one you may be interested in, click to open their profile page.

Then on the next page, you’ll see certain details like the username and email are still blurred. If you like the metrics you’re seeing and want to work with them. Click the unlock button to reveal the contact details.

To unlock influencers in bulk, you have to create and add them to a list. This is so new customers don’t accidentally unlock a bunch of influencers and use up all their credits in one mistake. Visit our article on creating lists to learn more.

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