Start your influencer campaign correctly with the Ninja Outreach alternative


Deep Audience Insights

With Shout, our proprietary AI technology analyzes every audience for every metric you could ever want. This technology is advanced and takes a long time to develop, which is why so few platforms offer it. It’s what makes us the better Ninja Outreach alternative.

No Contract

At Shout, our memberships are not 12-month commitments and our trial does not require a credit card. If you like what you see, you can sign up and try a month.

Impeccable Support

Need help? Our staff are waiting for your question. We don't have limited business hours or bureaucracy. If we're awake, we are answering you - immediately. We're real people who want to help.

The data you get with Shout

Metrics are updated and new features are added every week.


Access age and gender statistics for each influencer's audience. We sample demographic data from every influencer's following to ensure your campaign reaches your target market.

Contact Info

We offer the contact info of tens of thousands of influencers. Since you are contacting them directly, that means you get the best price. Most middleman services charge massive markup.

Engagement Ratio

We calculate the amount of engagement each profile gets, to maximize your money. Metrics like this ensure you don't fall victim to influencers with fake followers.


Our advanced AI system analyzes every profile so that you can search our influencer database for almost any niche imaginable.


We are the only platform that allows you to search by location. You can find influencers in your local city or county, so that you can target audience on the hyper-local level.


Looking to compare the effectiveness of different influencers across the platform? Use our CPM metric to estimate the cost of reaching every 1000 people.

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How big of savings are we talking?

Run your first campaign for 84% less!

Ninja Outreach Shout
Free Trial Length

Our trial is unlimited, and it doesn't renew until you decide.

3 Days Forever
No Credit Card Required

Try our platform without entering your credit card. We don't automatically bill you after the trial.

Minimum Commitment

There is no commitment or contract to get started. Try 1 month and decide if you'd like to renew.

12 Months 1 Month
Monthly Price

Our monthly price includes no setup fee and no commitment.

$52 $97
First Invoice

This is the price you'll be billed to get started. Ours is among the lowest in the industry.

$624 $97

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