Press Release: Josh MacDonald et al releases influencer marketing platform with proprietary data points

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After 2 years in development, entrepreneur Josh MacDonald and his team of programmers and an office full of data miners release proprietary metrics on thousands of influencers through his newest self-funded software, Shout Our Biz.

Regardless of whether or not the influencer has signed up for the platform, the staff at Shout Our Biz manually analyze the audience of each social media influencer, recording and labelling as much as possible about each influencer and their individual followers. Brands are then able to search, sort and filter based on the advanced demographic data of the followers of the influencers such as gender, age and country, among other metrics.

“Our main goal is to bring an abundance of data on a very large amount of influencers to our clients. Whether we have to use machine learning or manually sample the data, we’ll get it.” Josh explained Monday.

“Anyone who has Instagram could be randomly profiled by our system. Even if the profile is private, there’s enough public data on most people to ensure we label every user accurately. This just means some profiles need to be manually reviewed.”

Primarily the system focuses on Instagram, but the platform has recently implemented Twitter and will soon be adding Facebook and YouTube. Soon, the software will harness data points on a large chunk of the billions of social media users to ensure brands are able to hit the audiences they want, and within budget. The platform offers metrics used for budgeting campaigns like CPM, which has yet to be offered the influencer space.

This isn’t Josh’s first software venture. In his high school years, he founded Keyword Scout, another big data application that allowed brands to conduct keyword research for search engine optimization which sold to thousands of marketers worldwide. After that, he founded SerpClix which is another search engine tool used to improve a website’s ranking on Google which boasts the largest agencies in North America as clients.

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