The 1278 Best Fashion Youtubers

When it comes to getting the latest fashion and beauty advice, women flock to YouTube to tune into their favorite influencers on the web. Years ago, you might have thought it strange to get beauty and fashion advice from a stranger thousands of miles away; YouTube is one of the largest content streaming platforms in the world. These top 5 best fashion YouTubers are reaping the rewards of knowing when it’s okay to wear white and when you can mix prints with plaid. If you want to up your fashion game, or you just want to learn how to piece together a wardrobe that won’t break the bank, check out these knowledgeable fashion influencers on YouTube.

Dulce Candy

One of the leading ladies on YouTube for fashion and beauty advice, Dulce Candy brings her unique style and flare to the Internet where she has millions of followers. She has influence beyond the beauty scene though; she was asked to participate in United States political debates in 2017. She has also written a book, worked in the army, and worked with some of the world’s leading beauty brands including L’Oreal, CoverGirl and Pond’s. If you are into fashion and beauty, she needs to be on your subscription list.

Zoe Sugg

This European beauty has over 11 million followers on YouTube and has been creating beauty and fashion vlogs for a while now. She has also authored several books over the years, and she has her own line of skincare, beauty, bath and body products that she regularly showcases on her channel. As a leading fashionista online, Zoe is trusted for her reviews and how-tos to help other women get the look they want to feel confident and beautiful any day of the year.

Carli Bybel

Bybel is one of the longest running beauty experts on YouTube – she’s been around since 2011. She runs a channel called The Beauty Bybel (like the Bible), and hers is a channel that continues to deliver and provide unique and fun advice to women all around the world. She has over 5 million followers on the do-it-yourself channel, and recently she started working on a fashion line with a brand called Missguided. Bybel also created a beautiful lineup of makeup palettes with BH Cosmetics and continues to promote her love of beauty and everything fashion with them by her side.

Jaclyn Hill

It’s hard to imagine a world in which Jaclyn Hill doesn’t grace us with her presence online. With nearly 4 million followers on YouTube, Hill brings lots of variety and options to women looking for new ways to do makeup, wear clothes and more. She partnered with Becca Cosmetics and has a reputation for being one of the best beauty vloggers around.

Tess Christine

Need a step-by-step tutorial on how to get “the look?” Tune into Tess Christine’s YouTube channel to get the latest and most fabulous ideas for improving your beauty and fashion regime. She specializes in helping women create beauty looks that look expensive, but aren’t.

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